Entertainment Tips

Entertaining Tips For Your New Home

Mixed race couples chatting together in a kitchen and drinking wine while dinner is busy being prepared

Hosting a party for house warming, holidays or any occasion can be overwhelming, but there are simple tips to help you stay organized and on track to have a good entertainment experience as a host.

  1. At least a day before, make a list of what needs to be made/done and when. Also, leave an hour the day of your get together for any last minute or unexpected changes and of course time to get ready and relax before your guests arrive.
  2. Use decorations, but don’t go overboard. Use simple decorations and centerpieces to make your home look more dressed up, but think small. Consider using accents such as nuts or any other snacks for empty spaces on dining tables tables, as well as a couple arrangements of flowers.
  3. Prep ahead of time as much as you can. Make any food that you can the day before to eliminate some stress on the day of your party. Not everything can be made beforehand, but get all the prep work you can out of the way.
  4. If you are planning on having a bar at your party, set up another station (preferably another area or room) for drinks. Stock it with both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks of your choice as well as with cups and ice.
  5. For easy serving and preparation, use oven to table serving ware to help keep the food warm along with looking pretty, instead of metal or glass baking dishes.

Enjoy the entertaining in your new home with these stress free, helpful tips to guide you through the process!