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Organizing Your New Home For A Fresh Start

Asian friends moving house and packing in boxes

Knowing where to start organizing your new home after a move can be tricky and overwhelming. Luckily, this is the last step in a big move and there are simple tips to get you started! This will help you have a fresh start in your brand new home.

First things first, unpack as soon as possible. The sooner you get started, the less stress you will have and the more at home you will feel after your move. Set a reasonable deadline for when you want to be fully unpacked, and unpack a little bit each day. Move a few items or boxes out of the way each day so you can meet your goal and be all settled in.

Giving each room a purpose will make your home more organized, and it will make the unpacking process easier. Once you give each room a purpose and name, you can keep going by writing down major furniture that will go in that room as well as any other items, until your list is complete. The key is to start with large items and get smaller as you go. It’s easiest to identify where the large items go first and they build a solid foundation for the room. You can then continue with items or clothes that may go in those large pieces of furniture and accessories that may go on top, and so on.

Unpack for function, then decoration. Take your unpacking and organization step by step. Unpack first by establishing the function of the room, then worry about the decor once everything is in place. Unpack your kitchen, bedroom and bath first. The necessities are important to start with for you to be able to live and function in your home comfortably, then you can add your own personal style afterwards.