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Make A White Kitchen Pop

white kitchen

White is a popular cabinet color in kitchens, but no one wants to get carried away and have too much white in their kitchen. Being a neutral, clean color for this room, it’s easy to get lost in it, making the kitchen very plain. Here are some ways on how anyone can punch up a mostly white kitchen with color and contrast:

Statement tile can add a lot of style to a white kitchen. Tile with different patterns and pops of color can make a plain kitchen full of life. This can be added in areas such as an island, back splash, etc. This way you can splurge with any tile you want with a mostly white kitchen, and it will allow for easy changes in the future.

A bold bookshelf against an empty wall can also add personality to a more plain kitchen. A tall, richly colored bookshelf is a great element of contrast that takes away from a lot of white in the room.

A standout island is perfect for making a kitchen come alive. This element is placed in the center of the room and can be used to add the finishing touch it needs to be just right. A reclaimed beech wood counter top with a colored island will surely change the feel of a white kitchen.