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Top Trends in Home Design

Luxury living room with french windows, fireplace and glass top coffee table

If you’re trying to design a home or are curious about the hottest trends, there are some developments in housing construction and decoration that are apart of today’s styles!

According to the National Association of Home Builders, homes are actually getting smaller. Homes today are 10% smaller since 2010! They say that the decrease size in homes is due to financials, including lower heating and air costs.

Here are some trends within the home from this year:

1. Living Rooms have transformed greatly over the years. Instead of actually having a living room, a lot of houses have one large room combining kitchens and family rooms to bring everything together.

2. Energy efficient appliances and windows are more popular than ever before. Consumers are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of energy including long-term savings as well as positive effects on the environment.

3. Kitchen Basics these days include recessed lighting, double sinks and plenty of room to sit and eat with others. Large walk-in pantries and office spaces are also more popular along with large central islands. The feel of present day kitchens is intended to be warm and welcoming, as the kitchen is more of a place to come together than in the past.

4. Texture is more popular, especially in woods and stones that resemble raw materials. Homeowners more typically leave these materials in their natural form to show its original beauty.

5. Technology is evolving in the bathroom when it comes to touch screens that assist consumers in controlling their devices including water flow and temperature. A common example of this is the touch faucets, where you can tap the top of it to turn it on and off if your hands are full or dirty.