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Choosing A Color Scheme For Your Home

upholstery tapestry color selection for interior

Colors have a huge impact on the look and feel of your home, so picking color schemes can be tricky. Here are some tips on choosing colors within your home and what to look for when buying one to get you started:

What’s in and what’s out

Colors come in and out of style over time. In recent years, a traditional style with lots of golds, purples and copper colors meshed together has given way to a cleaner style with more contrast. An example of this is cream or gray tones matched with red brick.

You don’t want to use any colors that are too bright, too overwhelming or ones that jump out at you.

How to Choose

Color is very personal. Using colors that are fairly neutral is a good idea so that when you move in you don’t feel as though you don’t like a certain color.

A neutral palette would consist of nature-inspired colors or monochromatic. Beige is a good color to go off of and then find out what you really like.

First-timer buyers should be cautious about color choices, because they may not have extra money to replace their existing furniture right away.

Home buyers should conservative with color choices for counter tops, cabinets and wood flooring stains, because those components can be expensive to change later whereas carpeting, window coverings and paint are typically less expensive redo.