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How Our Homes Have Changed Since The ’50s

This spacious kitchen is from the Poet's Walk community of Judd Builders
This spacious kitchen is from the Poet’s Walk community with Judd Builder

While the style of homes has certainly changed over the years, the biggest difference in homes has been the increasing size of them. Houses have larger rooms, more bathrooms, bedrooms and more closet space. We also have opened up shared rooms by eliminating the walls between them and bringing in outside light.

1. The Kitchen. Today’s large kitchen with its island and being the central place in the home is an idea from the ’50s as homeowners wants to show off novel appliances. The idea of opening the kitchen to other rooms in the house began in the 1970’s. To open up the room, architects started taking down kitchen walls and adding more lighting with skylights and large windows to enhance the space. Today, the kitchen is a social place and most important room in a home. Majority of people like showy kitchens with extensive appliances, a lot of lighting, marble countertops, etc.

2. The Dining Room. The use of a separate dining room has declined in recent decades. Most families prefer to eat in the kitchen and don’t often have formal meals to have in the dining room.

3. The Living Room. The living room is used more as a social area by the entrance of a home, whereas it used to be used for privacy and family use. It is now more often used to entertain guests and like many other portions of the house, opens into other rooms. The desire for openness has created trends with high ceilings, upper level windows and open staircases.

4. The Bathroom. In the past, the bathroom had minimal space and few functions, but it has evolved into a larger, more comfortable place for relaxation. The number of bathrooms in one home has increased for privacy. Spacious bathrooms with more than one sink and separate tubs and showers are a trademark of multiple modern homes.

5. The Master Suite. The master suite has evolved in size along with other rooms in a home by including sitting areas and large walk in closets. The walk-in closet you find in a modern-day suite can take on the proportions of a small bedroom. Closets The larger walk-in closet did not become popular until the 1980s as consumption increased and fashion took off, creating a need to store much more articles of clothing and footwear.