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The Best Times to Buy a New Home


Most people assume that the Spring time is the best time to buy or sell a home, but that’s not necessarily true, though it is the busiest time of the year for real estate.

There are practical reasons for buying in the spring, but also some misperceptions. In spring, people who have been cooped up over the winter are ready to get out in the sunshine. And for many, a potential address change at that time goes well with the school calendar. So, in some ways spring may be the best time to sell under certain circumstances.

The real best time to sell; however, is the fall or winter. There is less inventory during this time, but people who are buying a home in fall or winter are serious buyers. They are buying with a purpose and there’s a reason for their move such as a job transfer perhaps. A real estate agent stated “One of the most fiercely competitive sales I did in the past six months was for a beautiful home that came on the market on Dec. 23,” he said. “The inventory of homes for sale is low enough and the competition from buyers high enough that it turned into a bidding war, with offers reviewed on Dec. 26.”

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