Home Decor

Back to School or Back to Home Office


Before we know it, we’ll be sending our kids off to school. As we shop for new bookbags, school books, and desk accessorires it might be a good time to consider your own workspace – especially if you work from home.

According to a recent statistic, 1 in 5 Americans work from home. Home offices need to operate properly, so things like a good, strong Internet connection, proper lighting, surge protection are essential. Even if you have a home office to work nights and/or weekends you should still make these spaces comfortable, while keeping you productive. Here are a few ideas to prep and redesign your home office workspace.

You should equip your office with two types of lighting: task and overhead lighting. Use LED lighting, as they cast better light, and cost less to operate. You’ll want to go with at least 800 lumens, which is the equivalent to 60 watt bulbs, and can provide enough lighting to work in day or night.

Zoned HVAC
Let’s face it, you’re working hard, on the phone, and a lot of electronics are running at once – your office is bound to get a little stuffy. So you might consider getting a zoned HVAC system so your office can be heated or cooled without drastically regulating the temperature of the rest of your home. This will also save you lots of money in the longrun. The approximate cost of a range per zone is less than $300.

Surge Protected Outlets
You always should make you have a little barrier of protection between your electronics. Surge-protected outlets are a great upgrade option for your home office, and many are tamper proof and provide an LED light indicator to let you know when the surge protection has been depleted.

Strong Broadband Connection
The worst possible thing is to have a slow, or non-working cell phone or computer due to your Internet connection. Cable companies now offer fiber to the curb (FTTC) or fiber to the home (FTTH or FTTP, which is worth looking into, since the hybrid fiber/copper cable is likely to become outdated soon.

With just a few of these upgrades, your home office can be an efficient workplace and save you both time and money.