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Decorating and Organizing Ideas for Children’s Rooms

Kids rooms are fun and can be a creative expression for their personalities. Each room is unique to that particular child, whether it’s the toys they have, the theme, bedding, or wall decorations, but sometimes it’s hard to keep their space tidy with so many toys and trinkets. Here are some tips to organize your kid’s space:


1) Toy overload. Get a cubby or bench with room for a lot of storage. Go to Pottery Barn for Kids or a local craft store to find the perfect size to fill up the space. Then, once you place it in your child’s room, place all the toys where they can fit best, and maybe even label them with a p-touch if you’re super OCD. This way, you can keep things organized a bit better.

2) Glow in the dark. Kids tend to get scared if a room is too dark, so to ease their fears get a pretty night light, or put glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling so they get excited about bedtime. It will also help them find their way to the bathroom in the middle of the night.


3) Let them express themselves. Kids love decorating their space with their toys, their school artwork, pictures of their friends, so why not create a bulletin board to display these things? Or, you can also get removable wall transfers – like these ones on Etsy, which can easily be stuck up on the wall and pulled down at any time. You can even try painting one of the walls with a chalkboard paint, so they can write on the walls without upsetting mommy and daddy.