Home Decor

Global Decor to Spruce Up Your Home!

Why travel to a destination when you can make your home feel like you’re already there? Homes are always more interesting when you have unique items that reflect your travels, and express your personality. It’s summer – the time of year to take a vacations and relax, so why not give your home a bit of a makeover in the process? Luckily you don’t have to travel too far to get the global flavor of a foreign place. Lots of stores carry items that are both inexpensive and work as great centerpieces, so you can decorate your space in the style of a certain exotic destination.


Lamps/Lighting – use ornamental, Moroccan-style lamps to reflect light in a beautiful way, or choose lanterns filled candles to bring out the ambiance of the room. It’s probably the easiest, least expensive way to give your a home a bit of an exotic flare!

Centerpieces – when traveling on vacation or perusing the isles of Home Goods or Pier 1 always be on the lookout for that main “centerpiece” item, that’s just a little too big, but will pull the entire design of the room together. This could be a Buddha statue, a beautiful Bombe chest, or a decorative mirror.


Bold Pattern and Rich Fabrics – adding a mix of different fabrics and textures can give a room a warm, and inviting feeling. Use soft fabrics such as silk, organza, and contrast them with cotton, and/or wool rugs. Bright, bold accent colors, such as orange or red, are great for adding a little contrast to the drab neutral or black couch.