Meadow View Farms

Benefits of Propane Gas at Meadow View Farms


When Judd Builders decided to build Meadow View Farms, they had three energy options to heat and fuel homes: natural gas, electric, or propane. They chose to go with propane gas for the following reasons:

    • Grills – Propane is a more desirable source for grills. A push-button ignition makes grilling much easier than lighting it with a match. Also, propane grills are more environmentally-friendly than charcoal grills, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
    • Cooktops, ovens, and kitchen appliances – When it comes to cooking food, nothing heat it faster than gas. Electric coils on stoves can take a while to heat up, and not always circulate the heat evenly in the pan. Your energy costs for operating a gas stove versus an electric stove is also going to cost less.
    • Indoor heating – During the winter months, heating your home can be expensive, especially with electric heat. Using gas is a more efficient way to heat your home, and it saves money in the long run.

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