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How to Pull Off Monochromatic Room Decor

A monochromatic color scheme may seem simple, but it’s surprisingly difficult to get it right. A monochromatic room should incorporate different tints and shades of a single color, while mixing textures to keep it interesting. If done wrong, it can be a little monotonous. Also – monochromatic isn’t limited to just neutrals. If you’re feeling bold, go for a more powerful color. Read on for tips on how to make this design style work:

Home Office at The Reserve at Glen Loch
Home Office at The Reserve at Glen Loch

Start With a Smaller Room

A small space like a bathroom or study can be a good place to try this out. For a bathroom or study, you might want to choose a zen color, or a cheery color to boost productivity. Monochromatic can work well for these types of spaces because too many colors can make a small room feel busy. 

Green room


The main thing you’ll want to use to add variety is texture. The variation of texture keeps things interesting to the eye. 

beige room

Wall Color

When painting the walls, it can help to choose a lighter value of your color palette. If you’re going for pinks, paint the walls a pale pink and save the brights for the furniture and details. 

Owner’s Bath at The Reserve at Creekside


You can’t go wrong with blue. You can use mostly calming hues with pops of bright accent blues. 

Kitchen at The Reserve at Glen Loch


Grey has become increasingly popular when it comes to interior decorating. There are warm grays you can incorporate to keep it from feeling cold, while also playing up the textures.

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