Home Improvements

Easy Home Improvement Projects to Work on Right Now

Use Up Old Paint 

Many of us probably have an extra can or two of paint lying around, so why not put it to use? For a big impact, consider repainting your front door or paint an interior door a contrasting color. You’ll be surprised to see what a dramatic difference a freshly painted door makes! You could also use a spare gallon of paint to give an old piece of furniture a modern makeover. If you only have small containers of leftover paint, you can use them to touch up scuffed paint and trim around your home. It’s amazing how a fresh coat of paint can make your entire home look instantly cleaner.

Shop Around Your Home for Accessories

Tired of looking at the same decor in your family room or bedroom? Shop the other rooms in your home for vases, decorative objects, and art. The simple act of taking the candlesticks you’ve always kept on the dining room table and moving them to the living room TV console can suddenly make them feel like new again. Or, if you have an attic or garage that’s full of furniture, paintings, and old books, you might not even know what treasures you already own. Take a look at what you have in storage- the “outdated” furniture or accessories may actually be back in fashion. 

Start Weeding Early

If we’re going to be spending spring at home, those who are lucky enough to have a backyard will want to take full advantage of it. Start by clearing off the lawn and removing any branches or debris that have collected over the winter. Then, check for weeds in the lawn and garden beds.

To deal with those pesky weeds that grow in between patio pavers or bricks, grab a specially designed metal weed scraper or a sturdy brush with metal bristles. Especially if you have extra time on your hands right now, the formerly tedious task of weeding might actually feel cathartic.

Restyle Your Shelves

For any room that needs a quick refresh, try this trick: remove everything from the shelves. Dust off each shelf, starting with the top one and working your way down. Then place everything back, but try a new arrangement. Maybe organize your books by color, rearrange your photos and knick-knacks – this small change can refresh the whole room! 

Organize The Kitchen Counters & Drawers

When many of us are now cooking three meals a day and spending more time than usual in our kitchens, our kitchen counters might be a bit messier than usual. Try to move all of the food you’ve stockpiled to the fridge or pantry and relocate any mail or papers that are lying around.  Try to keep only the tools, condiments, and spices you use every day out on the counter. Then, organize your kitchen utensil drawer so it’s easy to grab exactly what you need while cooking or serving meals.

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