Fruits and Vegetables You Can Grow Inside

gardening, planting at home. man sowing seeds in germination box

There are plenty of vegetables and even some fruits that you can grow indoors, from salad greens and scallions to peppers. All you need is a sunny window and the patience to wait for your future produce to sprout and grow!  It’s important to choose containers that have good drainage, to use high-quality potting soil, and of course, to water them regularly. 


Growing your own herbs is a good first step for your indoor garden, especially if you’re new to gardening entirely. Plus, having fresh herbs will make everything else you cook taste so much better! You can plant them as seeds on your own or buy a starter plant from your local hardware or garden store.


Scallions are such a versatile food, and are low-maintenance and quick-growing. You can grow them from seeds, or regrow them from the scraps of scallions you have left over. To regrow them, all you need is a cup of water and some sunlight. You can also do the same with leeks!

Lettuce & Greens

How fun would it be to create a salad with greens you grew yourself? Lettuce, spinach, swiss chard, kale—they’re all possibilities for your indoor garden. 


Smaller peppers, like chili peppers, shishitos, and more, can be grown inside. Just make sure you have a spot with tons of sunlight, since they do thrive better outdoors.  

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