How to Recreate a Spa Feeling At Home

At home spa

You don’t have to leave the house to get the spa treatment! There are small things you can bring into your routine to create a soothing atmosphere for yourself. 

Create a Clean Space 

Carving out a neat, tidy, and isolated space for yourself to just “be” is so important for mental clarity. Having a place where you can escape is a great tool to have so you can check-in with yourself. Try to make it an electronic free zone, as well. 

Dress in Comfy Clothes

What you wear at home can really set the mood. While we all might feel compelled to stick to the sweats, try something a bit more luxurious. Choose fabrics that feel good on your skin. Maybe wear some nice loungewear made of soft blend wool, silk, satin or soft cotton.

Light Some Candles

Candles are a big part of the spa experience – not just for their scents, but for how they transform the mood of a room through lighting. A few glowing candles in a darkened room can create a rather healing experience. 

Use Your Favorite Essential Oils

Scent can be a powerful mood elevator. Finding small ways to bring aromatherapy into your home can make a big difference. Add a few drops of lavender essential oils to your pillow in the morning or invest in a diffuser. The scents will help you get into a relaxed mindset and unwind. 

Listen to Soothing Music

Sound bath healing has become an increasingly popular practice in spas. During a sound bath, clients will lay down on a mat as an expert plays instruments like a Tibetan singing bowl, drums, or shakers. You can find a handful of videos on YouTube to help you virtually create a similar experience. We suggest laying down on a yoga mat, your bed, or sitting cross-legged in a safe and quiet place as you immerse yourself in soothing sounds.

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