6 DIY Projects To Do While Stuck at Home

Kids crafting

Make the most of your free time at home and get creative. Here are a few fun, simple ideas to upgrade your living space. 

No-Sew Curtains

Want new window treatments but don’t have a sewing machine at home? No problem. Use that fabric you’ve had lying around and some double-stick fabric tape to create these easy curtains and give your windows a new look. Get the tutorial here.

Rearrange Your Bookshelves

This easy project can revitalize the look of a room. You can color code your books, add framed art pieces, sculptures, vases and more to create some visual interest. 

Create a Gallery Wall

Maybe this time indoors has made you want to decorate that blank wall in your space!. Finally, you can get around to arranging some art, family photos or memorabilia. If you want a unique look you can add colorful, artistic plates to your display! If you need some hanging tips, click here

DIY Hanging Rack

This DIY ladder is functional and fashionable. Use it to hang towels in the bathroom, blankets in the living room or miscellaneous accessories in your bedroom. The possibilities are endless! Get the step-by-step tutorial here! 

Wooden Key Holder

Never forget your keys again thanks to this colorful wood slice key holder. Paint the front in bold, vivid colors, so you can’t miss it on the way out the door. Get the tutorial here. 

Color Code Your Keys With Paint

Paint each key with a different color to differentiate them — using nail polish is the easiest method.

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