Give Your Closet a Makeover

Walk-in Closet at the Bella Model at Siena Place in Packer Park
Walk-in Closet at the Bella Model at Siena Place

You can never have enough closet space but at Judd Builders, we’ve got you covered! In our Design Studio you can create your dream closet for maximum efficiency and space – and it’ll be beautiful too! Here are some tips for keeping your closet organized:

Organize By Category

This probably seems simple, but group like items together. Putting similar items will help you establish what you have duplicates of and can help you get rid of things you don’t need or don’t wear anymore. 

Minimize Duplicates

Everyone has favorite items of clothing they like to buy. When you’re sorting clothes, be mindful of duplicates and donate the ones you don’t wear. 

Color-Code It

After sorting by category, it can be fun and helpful to organize clothes by color. 

Practice the Hanger Test

Not sure how often you wear certain pieces? Perform the hanger test. Turn all the clothes hanging in your closet so that the hangers face the incorrect way; back-to-front. After you pull something out and wear it, place the hanger in correctly when you put it back in the closet. After six months, you’ll know which clothes you have not worn. Get rid of these items!

Hang It Up

Little touches can make a big impact. Decorative knobs or antique coatracks can add some stylish and chic sensibility. Hang up bags, belts, and other items that don’t need to go in drawers or hangers. 

Add An Area Rug

Add a rug for a comfy and fluffy foundation for your feet. Remember to measure the space before you buy to figure out what would be the ideal size for your closet.


For major wow factor, hang a pendant or chandelier. If you want to keep the elaborate stuff for the dining area, you’ll still need an adequate light source. Consider using low-voltage lighting, which is the most energy efficient option.

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