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Tips to Keep Your Garage Organized

Garage Organization

It can be easy to let your garage become a place for dumping excess clutter and junk from the home – it’s out of sight, out of mind. Lots of people with two-car garages are so filled with stuff that they only have room for one vehicle. If this sounds like you – here some tried and true tips to declutter and organize your garage and gain more space.

Set Aside a Full Day or Weekend for Organization

Cleaning and organizing your garage is going to take more than a few hours. Make sure you have a large chunk of time dedicated to this project so you’re not starting something you can’t finish – and ending up with a bigger mess!

Take Everything Out

In order to get the job done right, take everything out of your garage and clean every nook and cranny.

Go Through Your items & Take Inventory

Create three piles: keep, donate, or throw away. Sort your items accordingly. Next, take an inventory. Make note of all the items you will be keeping and storing in the garage. Start to plan out zones for storing. Think about convenience and frequency of use. If you are using an item more often, keep it at eye level instead of high up.

Group Like Things Together

This will help you find things easier and don’t forget to label!

Maximize Wall Space.

Hanging certain items or implementing shelving will help you save precious floor space for parking your car in the garage or other items.

Designate Spots for Bikes or Toys

Assign a “parking spot” for bikes so everyone has a place to store their bike. Activity organizers and bike hooks are perfect for getting bikes and other miscellaneous items off the floor.

Create a Mudroom

Stop clutter before it enters the home with a place for shoes and coats.

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