What’s New in Home Technology for 2020?

woman setting up the intelligent home system on a tablet computer

Are you thinking of buying a new home, or have you already purchased one from Judd Builders? If so, you probably want to stay up to date on the best technology for homes. Read on to find out what technology is coming to make your life easier this year.

Smart Kitchens

Consumers are flocking to smart kitchens and household appliances. Advanced tech for refrigerators, ovens, small appliances and water management means newer kitchens use less energy and get things done faster. More and more kitchen appliances, though, are becoming smarter. From scales hooked up to recipe apps, smart fridges, crockpots, and induction cookers, there’s plenty that you can already incorporate into your kitchen.

Super Security

Homes built today can accommodate highly advanced security features like all-around cameras, smart locks that alert local police of break-ins when occupants aren’t at home, windows that detect virtually any form of tampering or unauthorized opening, and yard-mounted lasers that alert owners whenever someone enters the property.

Smart Bathrooms

There is a wide array of smart technology that you can put to use in your bathroom. Use your smart speaker to cue up music while you are soaking in the tub, or invest in a Japanese smart toilet/bidet. Some of these devices have temperature controlled water and seat warmers. Smart showers and sinks can also help you conserve water to keep your bills down.

In-Home Elevators

In-home elevators are one of the most exciting pieces of the new-wave of home technology. Whether designed as part of a new home’s inherent structure or incorporated as an add-on for existing homes, residential elevators solve two problems at once. Elevators can make any home safer by vastly reducing the risk of fall-related accidents and make our homes more accessible to all people. An elevator will also add to any home’s potential resale value. At our community, The Reserve at Creekside, you can add an elevator to any of the floorplans for your convenience.

Energy Efficiency

New technology designed to cut home energy use has the potential to save homeowners up to 70 percent on overall utility expenses. Some things we may see used in the future are solar roof shingles, heat- and cold-resistant paint, super-insulated walls and ceilings, integrated energy-management systems and underground batteries for backup power storage.

The future of home technology is looking very exciting! If you’ve recently purchased a home from Judd Builders and are ready to start thinking about picking your finishes, visit our Design Studio page to start planning your dream home!