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Different Ways to Transform Your Spare Room

Many people struggle when it comes to figuring out what to do with an extra space in their home. Instead of defaulting to a guest room, get creative and think about what would be beneficial to your lifestyle. Most likely an idea will come to mind, but if you’re still having trouble deciding what to do with your extra room here are eight ideas to help you fill in that extra space.

Fun Zone

A fun zone is a room where kids can escape to play with all their toys. This option is perfect for families and creates a separate space for play. Any parent would fall in love with a fun zone because the mess of toys is contained to one room. However, the best part of having a fun zone is that it’s temporary. Once the kids are grown up you can reclaim the space and redecorate to your needs.

Reading Room/Library

If you’re a big reader and are always looking for a quiet place to escape and read, creating your own library or reading room is the perfect option. The best part about this option is that it is adaptable. If the extra space you have isn’t huge, you can still pull off having your own library or reading nook.


This option is perfect for the artsy type. With your extra room, create a posh art studio where you can create beautiful paintings. Or if you are more of a crafter, feel free to make the studio into a craft, sewing, or scrapbooking space.

Sleeping Room

Why would you need another sleeping room if you already have a bedroom? Well believe it or not, a sleeping room is different from a bedroom.  A sleeping room is a room with no electronics. Its sole purpose is to provide a space where you can take a quick nap with no interruptions.    Plus, it could also be used as a guest room if need be.

Home Theater

If you’re a big movie buff, taking your extra space and creating a home theater is the way to go. Entertain yourself and your guests for hours and get as close to the real movie theater experience in the comfort of your home. Add reclining lounge chairs, theater lighting, a popcorn machine, and a projector to create the perfect atmosphere for your home theater.

Game Room

Perfect for kids and adults, a game room offers endless possibilities and is great for entertaining! Buy a card table or even a pool table and decorate the room accordingly. Also, if you have a family, feel free to add gaming consoles to the room. This provides the older kids with a space to escape to and hang out with their friends.

Home Gym

Work out in privacy and create a home gym with your extra space. Convert the room into a space that will keep you motivated, so that working out isn’t a drag. Add a mirror wall, yoga mats, weight benches, treadmill and more to create your ideal home gym.


Having a home office has many perks for the whole household. Not only do you have your own personal space to do tedious work like paying the bills, but if you work from home you also have your own designated space!

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