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How to Keep a Home Office Organized

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Keeping any room in your home organized can be tricky. However, it doesn’t have to be a challenge! You can easily organize your home office and keep it organized with these helpful tips and tricks below!

1. Purge Paper

Paper is the number one item that can easily pile up in your home, especially your home office. Clear the clutter before it takes over your home office. When going through your papers, use the “System of Three” method: shred/toss it, file it, or take action from it.

2. Color Code

Color coding your files will not only make things easier for you to find/organize, but it’s also extremely functional. Make your own color-coded system and stick to it. If you need to, label anything you think needs labeling.

3. Categorize

When organizing a home office, place similar items together and categorize. This will make your office more functional and it will make it easier for you to find things in the future!

4. Designate a Printing Station

Designate one space in your office for the printer and printing supplies. The printer doesn’t need to go on your desk. Instead, you can place it another area or, if it’s wireless, in a cabinet. You’ll have much more space on your desk and in your office for other items.

5. Make a Mail Station

You’ll always want to maintain the paper that comes in and out of your home office. In order to stay on top of your paper trail, you can create a mail station, which is becoming extremely popular in households! Having a mail station will designate one space where you can file mail/paper and go through it when you have a spare moment!

6. Use Containers for Storage

Using containers to store all of your office supplies will help keep all of your supplies organized, but also out of sight! By keeping these items out of sight, it will rid your office of a cluttered look and make it seem clean and organized instead!

7. Label Everything

Knowing what things are and where you’ve stored them is imperative for an organized office. That’s why you’ll want to buy a label maker if you don’t have one so you can label everything. Files, drawers, boxes —  label everything so the next time you need something, you’ll know exactly where it is.

8. Utilize Wall Space

This tip is often missed by people who are looking to organize in their home. Using wall space to add a whiteboard, calendars, shelving, and more will make organizing your home office easier. It’ll also help you maintain organization as well!

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