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How to Make Any Room Look Bigger

Modern dining room interior design with lots of natural lighting and huge farmhouse mirror.

When it comes to interior design, making a room look as big as possible is essential for any home design. Whether the rooms in your home are small, medium, or big, there are many tricks to make any room look instantly bigger!

Take Advantage of Natural Light
Natural light is one of the best ways to make a room look instantly bigger! A well-lit room will always look bigger than a room with hardly any lighting. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to utilize natural light, do so! Also, if you don’t get an abundance of natural light flooding into your home, don’t worry! Add more lamps or install track or recessed lighting. Whether it’s natural light or artificial light, any well-lit room will look larger.

Pick a Soft and Light Color Palette
Darker and warmer colors will make a room feel cozy and intimate but will usually make a room look smaller than it actually is. Using colors that are light and soft in your home design will typically make a space feel open and airy and therefore, bigger.

Include Mirrors in Your Designs
When it comes to making a room look larger, mirrors are an essential item to use! Mirrors have a room-enlarging effect. The space and light will be reflected in the mirror and will give the room a more open feel. There are so many options to incorporate mirrors into your home design that you can get really creative with it!

Use Airy, Light Fabrics
The fabrics throughout your house play a huge role in how big a room looks and feels. Using airy, light fabrics will be your best bet to make a room look larger. From window treatments and table covers to bed skirts, you’ll want to use airy and light fabrics throughout your home design. 

Clear the Clutter Relentlessly
Clutter can make any room look smaller. That’s why, if you want to make a room look bigger, you’ll want to keep the clutter at bay. Not only will your room look bigger when you clear the clutter from the room, but you’ll also get organized throughout the decluttering process!

Don’t Place Your Furniture Against Your Walls
Furniture placement plays a huge part in home design and making a room look larger than it already is! Although it feels natural to push furniture against the walls to maximize on space, you should have open space around your furniture. That open space will make a room look bigger indefinitely.

Keep the Upholstery Plain
Believe it or not, furniture upholstery also plays a huge role in home design and making your space look bigger. Stick to neutral tones if you can. Bold patterns and textures can really detract from a room and make it look smaller!

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