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Perfect Rainy-Day Activities for the Family

Feet of child in yellow rubber boots jumping over a puddle in the rain

Don’t let rainy-days ruin the fun! Bring the fun indoors and try out some of these family-friendly rainy-day activities. From creative treasure/scavenger hunts to science projects and crafts, there is plenty to do to keep the whole family entertained, even when the weather won’t cooperate!

Visit the Library
Take a small road trip to the closest library near your home and have everyone peruse through the copious number of books that they can read! Nothing is better than passing the day away with a good book, and that’s only one aspect that makes this rainy-day activity great. Also, don’t just limit yourself to one book, grab multiple books to keep boredom at bay!

Indoor Treasure/Scavenger Hunt
Nothing will get the family more excited than a small indoor treasure or scavenger hunt. Set up your very own treasure/scavenger hunt ahead of time so whenever a rainy-day hits you are ready! This activity will keep everyone engaged and entertained. Time will pass quickly and boredom will never set in!

Indoor Picnic
Picnics don’t have to always be outside to enjoy! If the rain has got you and your family down, take the picnic inside and have an indoor picnic! Set up a blanket, prepare the picnic food, and enjoy each other’s company. If you want, you could also put a movie on in the background to enjoy at the same time!

Create a Family Recipe
Experiment in the kitchen and try to make your own unique family recipe! Or, if you don’t feel like trying to create something from scratch, pick a recipe that everyone loves and cook or bake during a rainy day! Nothing will warm everyone’s spirit more than some homemade food!

Cardboard Tube Marble Run
Save up all those cardboard tubes from toilet paper and paper towels and design a course to race marbles on! That’s right, get creative and have everyone work together to make an awesome race course of cardboard tubes for a perfect rainy-day activity. Everyone will have so much fun building and racing the marbles and time will fly by!

Science Projects & Crafts
Science projects and crafts are a great way to keep everyone preoccupied and busy during a rainy-day in! Whether you decided to get super creative and spend your day crafting or if you opt to become a mad-scientist for the day and try different educational experiments with the family, you are bound to have loads of fun!

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