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DIY Projects to Try Out

DIY projects are always a great way to add a custom, one-of-a-kind addition to your home. From big to small DIY projects, there are so many ideas to sift through depending on your DIY needs and style. Here are some of our favorite DIY’s that think would be a great addition to any home.

1. Rock Planter
Take flower planters to the next level with this chic DIY project. This rock planter is simple to do and looks great once it’s complete. Just gather all the materials you need (tin bucket or can, river rocks, thin set mortar, grout, a putty knife, and a large sponge) and get to work! This project is bound to add plenty of curb appeal!

2. Frame Shelves
There are so many shelf styles to choose from nowadays, however, if you are looking for a farmhouse style shelf then may want to make your own frame shelves. These shelves are unique and are perfect if you are looking to add some farmhouse style to your home. Not only are they shelves, but depending on how you style them, they, could be seen as artwork as well!

3. Pebble Hot Plates
Adding natural elements to your home décor is a big trend in 2019. Keep the trend going with pebble hot plates. All you need are some river rocks, a mat, and some adhesive and you can DIY away!

4. Metallic Rope Throw Basket
With one round laundry basket, one jar of metallic paint, 50 feet of half-inch rope, 1 yard of felt/fleece/muslin, hot glue gun, utility knife, and a paintbrush, you’ll be able to make this lovely DIY metallic rope throw basket. The best part about this DIY project is that it can be used for multiple purposes around the house!

5. Magnetic Knife Holder
Upgrade your kitchen with this magnetic knife holder DIY. Instead of taking up major space on your counters with a knife block or in your drawers, display your kitchen cutlery with this super functional DIY project. The best part, this project is simple and easy to make!

6. Hanging Wine Rack
Keep your wine glasses and bottles out and keep them on display with this handmade hanging wine rack. This DIY project is fairly straightforward and can serve as a cute décor piece in your home!

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