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Family Fun Activity Ideas

The winter weather has set in, temperatures are frigid, and it’s possible to have the winter blues! Winter can sometimes test the limits of keeping your family entertained and creative. However, don’t let that stop you from enjoying loads of family fun! Check out some of these ideas for family fun to keep you entertained throughout the winter.

1. Go Ice Skating
Nothing is better than to do in the winter months than going ice-skating with the whole family! Not only does it help you get out of the house, but it also gets everyone active. If it’s a hit, you can even make ice-skating a bi-weekly or weekly activity, that you and your family can enjoy throughout the winter months.

2. Visit Nearby Museums
Educational and absolutely fascinating, visiting nearby museums is a great winter activity to do with the family! From interactive exhibits to more traditional exhibits, museums are a great way to beat the winter blues and get out of the house while also learning something new! From the Please Touch Museum and Academy of Natural Sciences to the Franklin Institute and the DaVinci Science Center, there are plenty of museums around all of our communities to stop by and visit!

3. Family Bowling Night
Gather everyone and head on out to your local bowling alley to enjoy a game or two throughout the night! Whether you play bumpers or no bumpers, create a little family competition so that everyone stays interested the whole night. Once the game is over, the winner gets a prize to enjoy for their success.

4. Visit an Aquarium or Zoo
Aquariums and Zoos are just like museums, they are the perfect place to visit for a family fun day! Stop going about your usual routine and take a day to enjoy each other’s company by visiting the local aquarium or zoo. There is loads to see and do at both venues and the aquarium is a great winter destination due to being indoors. Even though they are primarily outdoors, most zoos have indoor houses that you can slip into as well!

5. Go Skiing or Snow Tubing
Embrace the cold of the winter season and go out for a fun-filled day of skiing and snow tubing! There are various resorts in the Pennsylvania region that you can go to in order to enjoy the great winter activity. After you’ve had your fill of skiing/tubing, make sure to grab a nice cup of hot cocoa to finish off the day! If you live at Brookshire, you’re in luck! You’re just minutes away from Bear Creek Mountain Resort in Macungie!

6. Family Movie Night
Stay at home or go to your favorite theater, either way; family movie night is a fun activity during the winter months! If you decide to stay at home for family movie night, make a day out of it. Cook or bake some of your favorite snacks and sweets and gather all the blankets and pillows, and get comfortable. Then, choose a movie or two that everyone will like and enjoy the time spent together!

7. Go to Local Events
There’s always something going on in your local community. Keep and eye out for an event that your family might enjoy doing and plan ahead. From local sporting events to various different plays, shows, and fairs, the options are endless! You don’t want to miss out on any of the local fun, so stay connected and in the loop when searching for family fun activities to do!

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