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How to Create a Functional and Stylish Mudroom

Mudrooms can be a game changer for any busy household! It can become the perfect catchall for the daily clutter that the family brings in as they are coming and going. From muddy shoes to winter coats, a mudroom can store all of this and become the new hub of the household. Here’s how you can create a functional and stylish mudroom.

Design With Functionality in Mind
Creating a mudroom starts with designing the with functionality in mind. Knowing how everyone in your household will use the space will help you create the overall design. Does your family just need a simple space where they can kick off their shoes and hang their coats or purses/backpacks? Or does each member of your family need a space, like their own personal cubby, where they can place and organize all of their stuff they collected during their busy day? When designing a mudroom, keep your family in mind and design based on functionality!

Mudroom Must-Have
Most mudrooms have one element incorporated into the design: a bench. If space permits, adding a shallow bench to your mudroom design is a great addition because it’s helpful for taking off shoes or setting down a bag or briefcase. You can even use the space underneath for storage as well! From placing shoes under the bench to placing bins and baskets for additional storage, having a bench is a mudroom must-have!

Decorate and Make Stylish
When designing your mudroom, you’ll want to decorate it like the rest of your home. A mudroom can quickly become a sterile space if you don’t decorate! To make your mudroom warm and inviting, all you have to do is add artwork, accessories, or even a pop of color so that your mudroom is both stylish and functional.

Add Family-Friendly Storage
To keep a mudroom organized, you’ll want to think of family-friendly storage. Coat hooks are easier to use than hangers and they have multiple uses. You can hang coats, backpacks, purses, and briefcases in one place. Creating cubbies is also a great idea. Everyone can have their own cubby to store all of their stuff in one place, so everything doesn’t end up scattered all over the house and eventually get lost!

Think Vertically
Most mudrooms are typically small in square footage. In order to make most of the space, you’ll want to think vertically. Add shelving, baskets, hooks, bench seating, and floor storage to make the most of the space. Having these layers of different types of storage will really maximize the space and functionality of your mudroom.

Use Flexible Storage
Don’t just stick with classic storage when it comes to designing your mudroom! You’ll want to incorporate flexible storage as well to help keep your mudroom clutter-free all year round. From adding simple hooks to the walls to using bins and baskets, this additional flexible storage enhances functionality in your mudroom. The best thing about flexible storage, is that it adapts with the changing seasons. Hooks can hold umbrellas from those rainy spring days just as well as holding damp beach towels for those sweltering summer days, and the additional bins and baskets are great for storing pretty much anything!

Use Valuable Dead Space
If there isn’t a designated space in your home for a mudroom, don’t worry! You can create your own makeshift mudroom/entryway storage by utilizing valuable dead space that doesn’t typically get used! From an awkward corner to downstairs dead space, rethink the area and begin to visualize how you can use that space to your advantage.

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