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How to Host An Amazing New Year’s Party

The new year is upon us, which means it’s time to start planning for an amazing New Year’s party. Whether you’ve hosted a New Year’s party before or if it’s your first time, here are some helpful tips to make it easier to host a wonderful New Year’s party that everyone will enjoy!

Prep the Food
Your food menu can be very flexible no matter how many guests you are inviting. Pick certain foods that will be easy to make and prep for the party. Also, if your guests are offering help by bringing a dish or appetizer, don’t turn it down! It will make the night a lot easier on you, so you can enjoy the festivities with your guests!

Create the Perfect Playlist
Having a playlist for any party will always brighten up the atmosphere. Make a playlist with a range of music for any occasion. Don’t feel like you have to stick with classic hits that remind everyone of the New Year. Vary your music selection and mix in different genres and artists so that there is something everyone will enjoy.

Have Party Games Ready
Depending on the size of your crowd, plan to have some games on hand to entertain your guests throughout the night. From classic charades to the now popular Lip Sync Battles, the options are endless. Think about your guests and what kind of games they would enjoy and plan to incorporate them into the night!

Decorate Accordingly
Whether you still have your holiday decorations up or you’ve taken them down, you’ll still want to decorate a little for the New Year’s party. You don’t have to go over the top and decorate every inch of your home, just make sure to have some festive balloons and signage. However, decorating can be one of the most enjoyable aspect of party planning. So if you want to go all out, go all out! Decorate the day before the party and make everything feel festive and shiny!

Leave out Props, Hats, and Noisemakers
Props, party hats, and noisemakers are essential for any New Year’s celebration. While you are decorating, leave some hats and props for your guests to use throughout the night. These items are also great to use if you create a pop-up photo booth and for Instagram photo shoots!

Create a Pop-up Photo Booth
Believe it or not, creating a pop-up photo booth is not that hard and is a great source of entertainment for the night! Find an area where your guests can pose for a quick picture with all the props and hats you leave out for your guests. The next day, when the night is over, go through the photos and print or send them to your guests. Or if your guests are taking photos on their phones, create a hash tag for guest to use on Instagram! Here’s how you can build a pop-up photo booth in your home!

Have Fun!
The night is about celebrating the past year and welcoming the new one, so make sure you have fun throughout the party! Mingle with your guests and don’t get too caught up in all the hosting duties. Your guests aren’t the only ones who should enjoy the party!

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