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9 Stains That are Tough to Bust (And How to Beat Them

Dealing with stains is an inevitable part of life. It happens to all of us every now and again. We spill some coffee or the kids come home with some grass stains, but you don’t have to live with these stains forever! Staining your favorite shirt or carpet is unfortunate, but there is something that you can do! Read on for a few simple tricks that will help you beat tough stains and save you from heartache in the future!

1. Berries
To get rid of a berry stain, you should treat the stain from the underside. If you can, place the stain upside down and spray it with some stain remover. Then, gently rub the stain and rinse it. Once you do that, soak the item for 30 minutes in lukewarm water with a fabric bleach mixture. Rinse it one more time and then throw it in a load of wash and the stain should be gone!

2. Candle Wax
If you find yourself with candle wax on your shirt or tablecloth, you don’t have to worry. To get rid of the stain, scrape off any excess wax and then place the stain facedown on a clean paper towel. Then, press an iron over it to release the wax. Continue doing this until there is no more wax left. If the wax was colorful then treat the remaining stain with stain remover and soak it in Oxy-Clean for 30 minutes and launder normally.

3. Coffee
Soak a sponge in rubbing alcohol and gently rub the back of the stain over a clean towel. Then, make a mixture of 1 quart of lukewarm water, 1 tablespoon of vinegar, and 1 squirt of liquid dish soap and soak for 15 minutes. Rinse and soak in Oxy-Clean for 30 minutes and wash normally in your washer!

4. Grass Stains
Grab a bin and fill it with cool water and Oxy-Clean and let it soak for several hours or overnight. Then, wash it normally in your washer. If the stain is still visible, redo the whole process again until you are happy with the outcome!

5. Grape Juice or Wine
All you need to get this stain out is 1 tablespoon of vinegar and 2/3 cup of rubbing alcohol. Then, grab a clean cloth or rag and blot the stain with the solution. Keep this up until the liquid is absorbed and the stain is gone!

6. Pen Ink
Soak a sponge in rubbing alcohol and blot the stain facedown on a paper towel. This should eliminate the stain. Once it’s gone, rinse the item and throw it in the washer!

7. Ketchup/Mustard
To get rid of stains from popular condiments, you’ll want to place the stain facedown on a paper towel and treat the underside of the stain. Use liquid laundry detergent or a stain remover and rub gently. Rinse the stain and let it soak for 30 minutes in lukewarm water and all-fabric bleach solution. Then, rinse it one more time before throwing it into the washer.

8. Oil/Grease
You’ll be treating the underside of the stain again when it comes to oil or grease stains. You’ll also need a generous amount of liquid laundry detergent/stain remover. Place the stain facedown and begin rubbing the stain gently. Then, rinse with hot water and throw the item in the washer on the hottest cycle.

9. Permanent Marker
Believe it or not, a permanent marker stain can be removed! Treat the underside of the stain with liquid laundry detergent/stain remover and rub it gently. Rinse it and then soak for 30 minutes in lukewarm water and all-fabric powdered bleach solution. Rinse one more time and throw it in the wash!

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