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5 Ways to Clean Those Hard to Reach Places

Out of sight, out of mind might come to mind when you are cleaning your home and don’t feel like cleaning those hard to reach places. However, you don’t want to skip cleaning these areas all together. It’s better to clean them periodically to reduce dust. Here are some simple tips and tricks on how to clean those hard to reach areas without all of the hassle that you’ve dreaded in the first place!

1. Window Tracks
Cleaning the small nooks and crannies of window tracks can be rather difficult. The plastic material of the vacuum crevice tool isn’t very flexible. However, you can change that! Stop throwing away those toilet paper tubes and use them to clean your window tracks. All you have to do is attach the tube to the end of the of the crevice tool and squish the end of the tool so that it fits in the nooks of the window tracks!

2. Window Blinds
If you dust your blinds with a static duster, make sure to close the blinds and clean one side at a time. Then, repeat the same process on the other side of the blinds. However, if you want to skip a step and clean both sides at once, all you need is a simple kitchen tool, two microfiber clothes, and rubber bands. Grab your set of tongs and wrap a microfiber cloth on each end and secure it with a rubber band. Then slat by slat, take the tongs and close the tool around the slat and pull it across! It’s simple, easy, and effective!

3. Air Vents
Air vents can collect a lot of dust, so it’s important that you clean them every once it a while. For a quick and easy clean, first grab your vacuum to suck up any loose dust off the vent. Then, wrap a butter knife in a microfiber cloth and stick the knife in between each slat and swipe it across the whole vent!

4. Ceiling Fans
Ceiling fans are always tricky to clean. However, there are multiple ways to clean a ceiling fan with ease. First, buy a disposable duster with an extendable handle so you can reach those high up places. Or if you want another way to clean each blade in one easy swoop, all you need is a pillowcase and ladder. All you have to do is place the pillowcase over the blade and pull it across until all the dust is collected. This way is great because it collects all of the dust in the pillowcase, unlike disposable dusters that could leave excess dust to settle elsewhere in your room!

5. Ceilings and Moldings
You might want to look up every once in a while to observe your ceiling and molding. Dust and spider webs can collect fairly easy in these spaces. To rid your ceiling and molding of dust, get a long handled duster, a dry sponge mop, or broom so you can whisk down any unwanted debris. Also, make sure to do this before cleaning the rest of the room so you can vacuum anything that has fallen.

BONUS: Keyboard Cracks
Your keyboard can collect a lot of dust and other debris over time. Although it seems rather hard to clean, all it takes is a few post-it notes. First, turn over the keyboard to tap out any debris and then, take the sticky side of a post-it to grab any additional dirt left over!

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