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College Bound? Essential Dorm Room Decorating Tips

Is someone in your family college bound? Help them get ready for the next big step when it comes to moving into their dorm room. Getting used to dorm room living can be tough. In order to make the transition easier, help them bring the comforts of home to their dorm room. From providing the essentials to remind them of home, check out these helpful dorm room decorating tips and tricks to make their new living space feel like a home away from home!

Find the Best Furniture Layout
Before the unpacking and decorating begins, look at the overall space of the dorm room and the furniture that you have to work with. Moving certain pieces of furniture from one place to another can oftentimes make a world of difference when it comes to the layout of your room. Make sure to assess everything and find the best layout that creates the most space!

Add Color to Your Walls Without Paint
Most universities won’t allow anyone to paint the walls of the dorm rooms, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add color to your walls! There are plenty of different options that you can experiment with when jazzing up your walls. Bring artwork or posters to hang up on a bare wall or opt to hang up a tapestry to brighten up the room. Get creative and think of cool ways to add pizzazz to a bland dorm room like this cool DIY wall art!

Loft Your Bed for Space
Lofting beds in a dorm room will free up valuable floor space. Most dorm beds offer the capability of lofting, so take advantage of this feature! Once the space is freed up, add a desk, storage, or even a futon under the bed to maximize the valuable space.

Coordinate with Roommate
Planning on living with a roomie? Make sure to communicate between each other so that your décor doesn’t clash. Nothing is worse than realizing that both of your personal styles don’t mix very well. Communicate and coordinate as much as you can so you don’t run into this problem. Also, don’t feel like everything has to match exactly, the décor can vary just make sure that it doesn’t clash!

Add Area Rugs
Most dorm rooms don’t have any carpeting, which can lead to cold floors. However, this can be easily fixed by adding area rugs! Finding a rug that is the right size for the dorm room is going to be rather difficult. Opt for smaller area rugs to add warmth to the room. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with using multiple area rugs if you can’t find a big enough rug to fit the majority of the space. Multiple area rugs will add beautiful texture and warmth to the dorm room.

Desk Accessories
Desk accessories are absolutely essential to any dorm décor because that’s where the studying will commence! Make sure you have everything you need for late night study sessions. From much needed storage to the crucial desk lamp, all these accessories are necessary for an effective study space!

Rethink Your Hamper
Hampers are an essential part of any dorm room. Everyone needs a place to store their dirty laundry and keep their room tidy. However, store-bought hampers tend to take up a lot of valuable space. So rethink your hamper and make your own that won’t take up as much space like this unique DIY hamper.

A dorm room is your child’s home away from home. Make sure to help them bring the comforts of home with them as well as the essentials to make dorm life amazing!

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