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Fun Beach Activities

Summer is in full swing and the best place to be during the heat of the summer is the beach! Enjoy a sunny and sandy day at the beach with the whole family and make your next beach vacation or trip more memorable for everyone by including some of these fun games or activities to participate in.

1. Look for Animal Habitats
Turn your beach vacation or trip into a small outdoor lesson by looking for animal habitats and teach your kids about them. From the grasslands and water to the dunes, you’re sure to find some sort of animal habitat to explore and learn about. Don’t forget to talk about the animals that inhabit the area as well!

2. Hopscotch
You don’t need chalk and blacktop to enjoy this activity. Draw a hopscotch course for your kids to play with. When the course gets too easy for them, have them draw their own creative hopscotch course to challenge themselves and their playmates.

3. Build a Sandcastle
Building a sandcastle has become a staple for any beach trip of vacation. Let your kids creativity flow as you build a one-of-a-kind sandcastle! Let them take control over the project, but make sure to give them pointers to help their castle along! Not only will your kids love making the castle, but they’ll love that their parents are helping out!

4. Organize a Relay Race
If you want a fun beach activity that will ignite the spirit of competition, organize a relay race for everyone to participate in! The relay races can be anything too! From racing back and forth from the ocean to a pail and filling it with water to who can build the tallest sand tower, the options for relay races are endless! So get creative and get planning for an awesome relay race that everyone will love!

5. Host a Beach Scavenger Hunt
Make a list of common things you typically find on the beach. Then, have your tiny explorer spend their time trying to find these hidden treasures. This activity is great for kids who aren’t ready or comfortable exploring the ocean yet!

6. Build a Fort
Just like building a sandcastle, building a fort can be just as fun! Get your kids to play along and build a fort where they can hang out and relax when they aren’t enjoying the water.

7. Learn How to Fly A Kite
If the conditions are perfect, why not learn how to fly a kite? Not only is this a new activity for your kids to learn, but it’s also a fun and challenging as well. If your kids end up enjoying kite flying, you’ll always have a beach activity to keep them occupied for future beach trips/vacations!

8. Beach Bowling
You don’t need bowling pins or a bowling ball in order to bowl on the beach. Create tall sand towers in the formation of bowling pins and bring a kickball to use as the bowling ball. Then, have your kids take turns trying to knock the sand towers down! Once all the towers are gone, they can build them again and keep the game going round after round.

9. Beach Bocci Ball
Beach Bocci Ball is the perfect game for kids and adults of all ages. If you have a bocci set make sure to pack it for a fun day full of friendly competition and amusement!

10. Learn Something New
This activity is perfect for anyone to enjoy on a sunny beach day! Find something that you or your kids haven’t learned yet and set out to learn it during your time at the beach. Whether your and your kids are learning to surf or you bring you current book full of new and inspiring information, learning something new is a great activity that the whole family can enjoy!