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How to Create the Perfect Guest Room

Just like any room in the house, you want to create the perfect space for your guests to relax and feel at home. Whether it’s a family member staying for the weekend or a close friend staying for an extended amount of time, you’ll want to make sure your guest is always comfortable. You can easily create the perfect atmosphere in your guest room, with décor and helpful amenities. Here are ten tips to help you create the perfect guest room.

Pile on the Pillows
People tend to be particular about their pillows, especially the pillows they use to sleep. Keep guests happy by having a bunch of pillow options for them. Mix in fluffy and flat pillows and throw them on the bed in a nice display. Not only will this make for a good experience for your guest, but layering the bed with pillows is on trend right now.

Fresh Linens
Before any guests visit, make sure to replace the bed linens with a fresh set. Also, keep an extra set of linens in the room or linen closet, in case your guest insists on changing them before they leave!

Hooks and Hangers
Make sure to have hangers readily available in your guest room closet for your guests. They will need space to hang their coat, and potentially clothing if they are staying for an extended period of time, while they’re visiting. Also, you could easily mount hooks on the back of the door so your guests have a designated spot to tuck away their purses or car keys.

Have a Mirror
Your guests will most likely use your guest bathroom. However, if the space allows, it is always nice to add a mirror to the bedroom for your guests to use. Whether they use it to put on jewelry or touch up their makeup, it will be much appreciated!

Fresh Flowers
Fresh flowers can easily add a bright and welcoming atmosphere to your guest room. If you decide to add a fresh arrangement of flowers to the guest room before your guest arrives, make sure to keep the arrangement simple. Opt for flowers that don’t have an overpowering smell or look. The simpler the better!

Leave a Sweet Treat
Like hotels, you could easily leave a sweet treat for your guests while they are staying with you. Before guests arrive, place a small box of chocolates, or another preferred sweet treat, on the bed. This tiny gesture will be a delightful surprise for your guests.

Drawer and Closet Space
If you use the guest room as storage when you don’t have visitors, remember to clear out some drawer and closet space before your guests arrive. They’ll need some space for their items during their stay and having drawer/closet space available upon their arrival will put them at ease.

Let Them Help Themselves
Hotels usually stock up their rooms with amenities like coffee or tea. You can do the same for your guests! If the guest room is big enough, place a small tea or coffee maker and some mugs on a tray. Let your guests help themselves whenever they desire, which will help them feel at home.

Provide Entertainment & WiFi Password
If you have the space in your room, add a small television on the wall. Your guests will appreciate the chance to wind down in a separate room after a long day filled with fun. Also, place a few books in the room if your guests prefer reading over television. Always make sure there are things to entertain them during their stay and give your guest the WiFi password as the get settled.

Make them Feel at Home
Instead of having your guests ask you for towels or blankets, provide them with a much-needed stash in the guest room. You can use a basket to hold the towels, robes, and extra blankets. Make sure to place it in a visible area, so they know what’s available to them right when the walk into the door!

For more tips and trick on creating the perfect guest room, click here! Your guests won’t want to leave, due to the wonderful guest room retreat you create for them!