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Dress Up Your Front Entrance

Your entrance is the first thing you see before you walk into your house. Make it stand out like the rest of your home design by “dressing it up” and adding your personal style to it. There are many quick and easy ways to achieve this! Just follow some of the tips below and your front entrance will definitely make a statement!

Door Decor
You don’t have to stick to the traditional wooden door anymore! Grab some paint and add a pop of color to change your front entrance. Just make sure to choose your color carefully! Match the color to the exterior of the house, but don’t be afraid to be bold. Also, get symbolic with your color and paint it a specific color for a symbolic meaning. Paint your door red for luck, yellow for positivity, blue for calmness, and purple for open-mindedness. If you aren’t keen on the idea of painting a door, you can go another route and still be successful with your chosen door decor! There are many different types of doors to choose from so pick one that speaks volume to your unique personality. The biggest trend right now is to have a statement door, like a farmhouse or custom-built door.

Pleasant Planters
Adding planters to your front entrance is an easy way to dress up your front entrance. Placing two planters on both sides of the door creates a sense of balance and elegance. The best thing about this option is that there are endless possibilities! From different types of planters to different flowers you’ll be able to personalize you planters to your desire. Check out some of these pleasant planters for inspiration! Don’t forget to mix it up throughout the year with seasonal plants as well! Just because the weather gets colder doesn’t mean that your front entrance décor has to suffer!

Decorative Doormats
Like planters, adding doormats is an easy way to dress up your front entrance and they help keep dirt and mud out of the house. Find a cute and welcoming doormat that compliments your door color and planters. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns or color. Try to stay away from generic doormats and you’ll be sure to have a dynamic front entrance. Or if you’re up for it, you can make your own with an easy do-it-yourself doormat!

Accent Your Address
Most people overlook their address as a decorative element to their front entrance, but this is a unique way to make your front entrance stand out from the rest. Visit Pinterest for a multitude of ideas and get creative. You can get essential supplies from Home Depot or Michael’s. Whatever you do make sure to have fun with it and cater the overall design to you personal style.

Seasonal Decor
You don’t have to be limited to dressing up your front entrance once or twice a year. Have fun with it and decorate for every season! Add carved pumpkin and small haystacks for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Or add tinsel with small ornaments and Christmas lights for the holidays like this! Get creative with your decor and have fun while doing it. This can be a fun activity to look forward to and do with friends or family.