Decorating Tips

Decorating Your Home for the Holidays

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how you will decorate your home. From the outside to the inside, there are many ways to get your home festive for the holidays! Here are some ideas.

The Living Room
Making your living room feel warm and cozy can be achieved by mimicking a backyard retreat. Place a sparkling Christmas tree in front of a mantle that is adorned with fresh greenery and place a wreath above the fireplace, says Southern Living. Or you could hang hand-knit stockings on traditional nails for a rustic look, highlighted by a mantel with a stack of gifts in the fireplace, suggests Better Homes and Gardens.

If your hallway has a small table, try adding a bowl of seasonal fruits and plants. A vase with long berry twigs next to a linear display of faux red or green pears will add plenty of winter drama to your home.

Dining Room
Spruce up the centerpiece of your holiday dinners with snowflake ornaments hanging at varying lengths from the chandelier. Drape some greenery dotted with red berries and pine cones to complete the look. Spruce up the look with miniature trees placed along the table.

You understandably need to make the most of your space. Keep the décor simple and out of the way. A simple reindeer sculpture or silhouette made out of lightweight metal or twigs can really make a statement. Hang green wreaths in your kitchen windows with stems of red berry for a traditional look.

In order to welcome your guests this holiday season, your outdoor display should be just as inviting as your indoor one. Line the path to your front door with paper luminaries, but use battery-operated tea lights or LEDs within the luminaries for safety.

If you’re lucky enough to have a large porch or even a farmer’s porch, you simply must decorate for the holidays. Add some rustic aluminum containers on the corner of the steps and fill them with seasonal greens, herbs, holly berries, greens, pine cones, and red amaryllis blooms. Small faux pine trees decorated for the season can be detailed with baskets, satin ribbon, handmade ornaments.. Balance the look of your front door by placing one on each side.

It’s easier than you think to impress your guests this holiday season with simple yet beautiful home décor. Looking for a new place to call home? Contact Judd Builders about our many communities available in Pennsylvania. We invite you to come browse each one to see which best suits your style and budget.