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Bedroom Feng Shui: Arrange Your Furniture for Better Sleep

Everyone hates it, but everyone goes through it. Having a bad night of sleep is not only exhausting, it is downright horrible, but so many people have problems sleeping nowadays. However, there might be a quick and easy solution to help you sleep better. The answer is in your furniture. Believe it or not, the arrangement of your furniture can affect your sleeping pattern. So here are some quick tips on how to arrange your furniture so that you can get a better night’s sleep!

Have Equal Space on Each Side of the Bed
Making sure you have equal space on both sides of the bed is absolutely essential when it comes to bedroom feng shui. Having equal space creates a soothing sense of spatial balance. It’s best not to push your bed up against a wall or else an energy imbalance will disrupt your sleep. Here are some of the best bedroom layouts that have equal space on each side of the bed.

Place the Bed’s Head Against a Wall
Placing your bed’s headboard against the wall creates a sense of security, which can help you fall asleep faster. Believe it or not, the smallest noises, disruptions, and even smells can disrupt your sleep. So use your headboard to your advantage and create that extra sense of security to help you fall asleep.

Don’t Place Your Bed Against the Same Wall as the Door
Some people, depending on the size and layout of the room, can get away with not placing the bed against the same wall as the door and that’s great! When the door opens at night you will wake up on high alert because of the sudden movement and sound. When your bed is opposite of the door, you only have to lift your head to observe the reasoning behind the movement and noise. If you bed is against the door, you’ll have to rise from your bed in order to investigate what’s alarming you, which disrupts your sleep. However, if your bedroom is on the small side and you don’t have the option, that’s okay. Just place a piece of furniture between your bed and the door to create something like a barrier, which will make you feel safer and more secure.

Avoid Placing You Bed Under a Window
A window acts as a direct gateway to the outside world and your bedroom. Things like scent, wind, noise, light, shadows, movements, and animals are outside Chi (also known as outside energy or life force) that can directly affect your sleep, if your bed is directly below and window. The outside Chi can alert your senses, survival instincts, and wake you up making it hard to fall back asleep. So it’s always best practice to keep your bed away from any windows to better your sleep.

Arrange Other Furniture in the Room Accordingly
Place your bed before anything else when you are laying out your bedroom. Once you’ve found the perfect position for you bed, arrange other furniture accordingly. Don’t place any big and heavy furniture too close to your bed because it will make you feel uneasy. Also don’t place a mirror directly in front of your bed either. Any type of movement in the mirror will alert you and disrupt your sleep. There are plenty more feng shui rules to help you layout your bedroom. Find more ideas and tips on bedroom feng shui to help you sleep better. Also, check out some of these great feng shui ideas from HGTV!

Bonus: Use Soothing Colors
Don’t paint your bedroom with a bold and exciting color. Opt for more soothing colors that make you feel at ease. This will create a relaxing ambiance, making it easier for you to relax and fall asleep in your bedroom.

Also, don’t forget to turn back the clocks November 5th, 2017 for Daylight Savings and enjoy the extra hour of sleep you’ll be gaining!