Decorating Tips

The Best Interior Paint Colors

If you are considering painting the interior of your home, you may be wondering which colors would complement your style the best. The choices you make have a lot to do with what’s called “color psychology,” with the effects of color being both subtle and significant. Colors have both physical and psychological elements that can evoke certain feelings in people young and old.

No matter which room you’re painting, a good rule of thumb is to choose one color you like from surrounding artwork, rugs, dishes, throw pillows or accessories and make that your main color. Let’s explore which colors are ideal for each room, and why.

Living Room

Soft pink: Who says pink is only for powder rooms and baby girls’ rooms? Use a soft pink or blush on your walls in the living room, offset by deep browns and earth textures, suggests House Beautiful.

Baby blue: Likewise, baby blue works well in an azure-sky type of way. This is paired nicely with neptune-blue velvet upholstered sofas and thoughtful water color paintings.

Brown: Trimmed in bright white, brown doesn’t have to be dull when offset by artwork and low-key furniture that picks up its earthy subtleties. If you’re hesitant to use such a bold color choice, then maybe use it as an accent wall in one of your rooms! It can be a bit tricky to work with, but when it’s all done – it will really make a statement in your home.

Mint green: Wall colors should never saturate the room. Strong colors can be used in some instances where the style calls for it, but most living rooms should be a place of calm. That’s where light shades of green come in, which can evoke feelings of nature.

Dining Room

Emerald green: A regal color, emerald green can be paired with silver for a truly classy and elegant look. Try accents of hand blown glass, tall vases and silver goblets.

Deep red: Red is another regal color that can be best offset by tones of dark browns and other earth-rich hues. Red can evoke rich emotions in a room, so be sure to set the tone of the room with your accent pieces. Lighten up the space with bright white chairs, and add some sparkle with a chandelier as the focal point of the room!

Yellow: With its calming effects, pale yellow also pairs well with candlelight. Yellow is the color of sunshine, hope, freshness, happiness and positivity, working best in light, airy dining rooms with lots of natural light.

One color to stay away from in dining rooms is blue. Marketing research tells us that people equate blue with rotting food, which is why you don’t see too many fast food and restaurant establishments using blue in their logo.


Soft taupe: Taupe is a warm, cozy color that pairs well with light greens, pinks, and blues. Soft hues make even the smallest spaces feel serene yet luxurious, says Better Homes and Gardens.

Ash gray: Coupled with the cool tones of granite and the hue-warming color of dark wood floors, ash gray with white trim can add lots of contrast to an otherwise typical bathroom.

Are you ready to upgrade your home with a new, fresh coat of paint? Which color are you going to select to fit your design style? Or, are you looking for a new home that you can make your very own? Call Judd Builders now to find your dream home in one of our many communities.