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Transform Your Dining Room

Looking to create a more dynamic or dramatic dining room setting? There are plenty of ways to upgrade and transform your room. These are rooms that tend to get overlooked when we decorate, as they are usually more formal and aren’t used as much. Here are some of the latest styles to help give your dining room a fresh look.

The Statement Table
This is understandably the focal point of the room. Instead of a traditional wood rectangular dining room table, go with a trestle table, which gets it inspiration from the Middle Ages. Check out this trestle table from Country Living. You’ll see the framework, legs, and table length lend a communal feel to this dining room. The Medieval aspect is fully fleshed out with the ornate wrought iron chandelier hanging above.

The Dynamic Color Combo
Blue and white is a popular combination that harks back to ancient Persia, manifesting itself in designs from England, the Netherlands, Mexico, France, China and India. This timeless palette can be augmented with linens, tablecloths, pottery and china. You can even extend the trend to throw pillows for chairs in the corner, or creative prints and unique artwork to adorn the walls.

The Farmhouse Feel
Create a rustic and cozy dining setting with the help of a wooden farmhouse table. With the table as the centerpiece of your dining room, you can then accent it with some woven chairs and greenery to bring the outside in. To set the entire room together, up-cycle a vintage chandelier to make a bold and beautiful statement above your table.

The Black and White DIY
The black and white room trend is becoming quite popular, where you can mix and match local items with one or two high-end pieces. For small dining rooms, purchase black chairs and table then add a white runner. Accent the table with black and white place settings. Frame some black and white photos in black trim and add a white vase in the center of the table. Once your tablescape and accents are all in place, it’s time to consider wall colors!  Balance the stark black and white décor with a touch of color like a muted mustard yellow.

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