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Make Everyday Spa Day

The ultimate guide to making your bathroom your own pampered paradise

Imagine this: warm water cascading down, filling the room with a relaxing ambiance that melts all of your worries away. That can be everyday when you bring the spa experience to your bathroom in the comfort of your home at The Reserve at Creekside.

A lavish bathroom always starts with a Kohler soaking tub that you can immerse yourself in. However, to bring the spa experience to your bathroom; make sure to have bath salts and essential oils on display. These two products are fundamental in spas because they engage your senses with aromatherapy. Not only can you use these products to sooth yourself and enhance a relaxing bath, but showcasing them on your marble vanity sink tops will also produce a spa effect.

On the contrary, if you prefer a shower “the spa effect” can also be achieved by using candles. While your prepping your shower light a candle or two to captivate your senses. Not only do they emanate the relaxing scent of your choice, but they also establish the surrounding atmosphere, which makes it easier for you to find your happy place. Set them on your vanity top to offset elegant faucets/fixtures and create a dynamic arrangement of candles to simulate the spa atmosphere.

The final touch to achieve the spa experience in your own bathroom is to stock your vanity drawers with the ultimate spa accessory: fluffy white robes. Nothing tops off the relaxing spa experience than wrapping yourself in a soft robe after a warm and inviting bath or shower. It extends the comfort of the bath and enshrouds you in peace and serenity.

Why can’t “spa day” be everyday? Pamper yourself and make your dream paradise real with only a few minor additions to your already luxurious bathroom. And if you’re looking to find a home that offers outstanding features visit Judd Builders today and get started!