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5 Tips to Make Gardening Easier this Spring


Keep insects and other pests from damaging your plants. If you’ve ever had the problem of pests getting to your pots through the drainage hole of your containers and ruining your lovely plants, we’ve got the fix for you! Instead of taking pebbles or other options the insects can wiggle through, try using a piece of a window screen, an old pair of pantyhose, or a coffee filter. These options are cheap, simple, and effective in keeping bugs out from your beautiful garden, and keeping your plants safe.


Planning a move? If you have beautiful potted plants you’d like to take with you to your new home, here’s a tip for safe transporting. If you have a car it can be a gamble when transporting your flowers as to whether or not they’ll be in tact when you arrive at your destination. However, if you have a step ladder that you can fit in your trunk, say goodbye to that problem! Placing potted plants in between the rungs in the ladder provides a great way for the plants to stay in place during the trip, keeping your car soil-free, and your plants perfectly intact.

potted plant

We all strain ourselves trying to pick up those heavy potted plants, so  give your back a break with this easy trick. First, in the bottom of your large potted plants, fill up to about halfway, or to your own personal preference, with ordinary packing peanuts. Then place a sheet of landscape fabric on top of of the peanuts, and next just line the pot with your potting soil! This is a quick fix and will make lugging around large plants dramatically easier.

Apple cider vinegar, lemon and lemongrass home remedy, safe and effective formula to repel mosquito, fleas and bugs. It can be used to repel fleas from pets, and is can neutralize unpleasant odor from dogs.

There seems to be no way around bugs invading your garden. So if your plants are being swarmed by fruit flies or gnats and you don’t want to spray pesticides on them to get them away, we have a much safer, and easier solution. All you need is some water, apple cider vinegar, and a saucer or bowl. Mix the two in the bowl or saucer, half water, half apple cider vinegar. Just place your container by your house plants, or wherever these pests hover in your garden, and when these bugs fly over to your beautiful plants, they’ll be distracted the tantalizing solution, and won’t be bothering you anymore.

platic cover

With the weather being as unpredictable as it is, you may need to protect your plants on short notice from a frost. To save your plants from freezing to death, an easy and cost-effective way is to use a milk jug, two liter bottle, or anything of the sort. By cutting of the bottom and placing the containers over the top of the growing plants can act as a really helpful and quick cover when needed