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Tips for Decorating Your New Home

Set the Tone for Your Home Early

A selection of five colourful Georgian front doors in Edinburgh's New Town, each with different pattered glass above the door.

Setting the tone for your home should begin with the front door and entrance. You could even go so far as repainting the front door a more welcoming color such as red, orange, yellow, or whatever your favorite color is! After the door, the entrance to your home should reflect how you want the rest of the home to be presented. If you’d like a natural feeling, add a few plants. Or if you’re going for a more modern feel, have an organized front room with a sleek bench.

Make Your Chairs Talk to Your Sofa


This title may read a bit odd, but the message is clear. When organizing the living room in your new home, make sure your chairs and sofas face each other in some way. The “U” or “H” shaped seating arrangements above are some of the most common to create this type of space. Setting up a living room like this is much more conducive to conversations rather than having them all pointed at the TV.

Focus on Your Bedroom

wide angle shot of a comfortable bedroom

Your bedroom is the room you’ll be spending about one third of your time in your new home, so plan accordingly! Think about your habits when decorating this room. Are you a late sleeper? Early riser? Those who like to sleep in might benefit from deeper color tones in the room and substantial coverings and curtains to block out the sun. Morning people might enjoy a lighter color scheme and light curtains to let in the morning sun.

Not Everything has to Match

Pigeon hole box with 24 boxes, 23 are filled with small yellow rubber ducks and one has a differeent coloured blue duck. Concept image representing standing out from the crowd, being different, not fitting in etc.

Despite what a lot of stores might have you believe, you don’t have to buy a full set of something for it to look nice. Being able to pick and choose what you like and what you’ll add is a big part of the experience as a new homeowner. Make sure not to give into the salesman’s pressure, and only purchase what you like even if it won’t match without a set.

Tie it Together with Color

living room chairs and coffee table with bowl

Whether you have an idea of the atmosphere you want to create in your new home, or not, don’t worry! Adding some colors that go together well, or even mimic each other, can provide a great deal on continuity in a room that might not have any otherwise. But be careful when matching colors to one another, because you wouldn’t want your entire house to be covered in just one color. Adding a few here and there will do wonders, but too much of a good thing could oversaturate and distract from the rest of your home.