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10 Easy Tips to Help Organize Your Home

Contents of an office drawer.

1. Have a designated junk drawer, and KEEP IT CLEAN
Having a junk drawer is very helpful for miscellaneous items found around the house that you don’t want to throw out quite yet. However, if left unattended, the junk drawer can become more of a nuisance rather than a convenience. To avoid this, make sure to go through the junk drawer every now and then to determine what needs to be thrown out and what can be kept around.

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2. Use Pegboards
If your cabinets are too cluttered, grab a painted pegboard from your local hardware store, loop in metal hooks, and violà! You have a new stylish and convenient way to store your kitchen-ware.

Neatly organized womens clothing in white cubicles

3. Color Coordinating
Assigning everyone in your home a color for things like their toothbrush, towels, sheets, and laundry hamper can make clean up much easier. This simple solution makes it easier for everyone to find their things, and more importantly, put them away.


4. Bread Bag Tags Transformed into Helpful Labels
For organizing those pesky cords that inevitably get tangled up behind your TV set, save the tags from bread bags and use them as creative labels. With a label at the plug, you’ll always know which wire is where and how to get at the right one.


5. Cardboard Dividers
Dividing dresser drawers with a few pieces of cardboard is a cheap, simple, and easy, way to designate what goes where in your dresser to avoid clutter, and so you can find what you need without rifling through your entire wardrobe.


6. Use the Space Underneath Shelves
Using an under-shelf wire rack can be very useful when trying to use all of your space efficiently. Often times shelves are left half empty because what you’ve stored only stacks so high. Well with this new addition, you’ll get twice as much use out of the same shelf.


7. Have a Cleared and Organized Entryway
Having a clear and organized entrance to your house sets a nice tone for you and your guests. Ideas for organizing your entryway could include a designated shoe-box, one long enough for shoes to be lined up next to each other, NOT on top of one another. Another easy idea is putting initials above or next to the hooks for clothes, so that everyone in your home has their own space to use and be responsible for.


8. Have a Place for Your Keys
Think about how many times you’ve searched all over the house for your keys. Keys are often strewn around the house without regard for when you’ll need them later. Creating a convenient, and visually pleasing, place for your keys, makes for a much easier time getting ready in the morning. Instead of searching and starting your day on a stressful note, have a cute system you like, it could be a specific bowl for keys, or some makeshift hanger like the one pictured above.


9. Magazine Holder Turned Shelf
If you have an old magazine holder around your house that doesn’t get much use, or if you just want a creative shelf, this DIY shelf is a perfect solution. All you need is a corner, a magazine holder, and screws or nails. In just a few minutes, what once was a useless corner in your home transforms into a convenient storage space in a matter of minutes.

heel to

10. Take on the Closet
While it might seem daunting, tackling the clutter we all have in our closets, when done correctly, is extremely rewarding. Some steps to de-clutter your closet we suggest is using a shoe-holder as storage space for bulky clothing. If you’re someone who loves their shoes and it’s evident by how much room they take up, try storing them facing opposite directions. With the right’s toe point to the back of the wall, and the heel facing the front of the closet. Or vice versa! This simple trick saves a surprising amount of space.