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Home Decor Tips: Where to Find Inspiration to Decorate Your New Home

Ratten balls and vases on table with light brown sofa

So you just bought a new home and you know you want to decorate it beautifully, but where do you start for ideas? The sheer volume of décor tips online can be overwhelming to say the least. It can be tough coming up with a style and theme, but if you go room by room and think about what you want to achieve style wise, you can take inspiration from a variety of sources and translate them to your home.

Sources of Inspiration

Subscribe to home decorating magazines. Browse through them every month and rip out pages that stir something deep within you. Keep all your pages in a binder or folder with tabs for each room. When visiting other people’s homes, you may be struck by a particular arrangement or color choice. Ask how they came about it and then try to re-create the look yet with your own unique spin. Take a walk through the woods, gathering inspiration from the many textures and colors of your surroundings. Head to a flea market and pick up some affordable finds that speak to you. Rearrange your furniture and pick up new throw pillows and rugs – mixing and matching what you already have with a few new things sprinkled in can be all the inspiration you need.

Décor Tips

You don’t need to spend a fortune or consult with a professional interior designer to spruce up the rooms of your home. Sometimes all you need is a spark of an idea to bloom into a full-on décor masterpiece. Re-think the pieces you already have from your old home, suggests Good Housekeeping. For instance, use up the rest of your wall paint to refresh the frame of your old comfortable arm chair, or sew a lacy trim around the edges of your existing curtains and pillows. It’s like you’re getting brand new stuff yet re-purposing items that may hold a sentimental value.

Have Fun With Texture

Oftentimes, new homes come with neutral walls and color palettes. That’s done for a reason, as those beiges and whites appeal to a wide variety of home buyers plus they’re easy to decorate. If you want to try a beach-themed living room, avoid boredom with constant beige by switching up the texture of your drapes, area rugs and blankets. Muted prints within the same color family work well to bring a calm, comfortable feel to any room. A splash of turquoise inspired by the ocean can take the form of a single vase, picture frame, or pillow.

Get Versatile

If you’re taking inspiration from purity, innocence and clean lines, go with a décor mainly of white center pieces. A white sofa, chairs, walls and cabinetry may sound bland on paper, but add seasonal elements throughout the year that inspire you – from blue-striped nautical themed paintings and rugs in the summer to warm pumpkin-inspired throw pillows and lamps in the fall.

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