Preparing Your New Home for the Holidays


Christmas drink. Hot chocolate and marshmallowsIf you’ve been lucky enough to buy a house this time of year and are getting ready to move in before the holidays, congratulations! This is an exciting time for home ownership because of all the family get-togethers, decorations and cheer that’s inescapable during this most festive of months.

As you get settled in your new home, here are a few tips to get your house settled and ready for holiday company and the family!

Prep Outdoor Areas

Safety is the main priority when prepping the house for the holidays, especially the exterior. You’ll be having a lot of guests coming over and you want to make sure all walkways, driveways, porches and other areas are free of snow and ice. Do some shoveling, spread some salt, place lights along walkways, and stick reflectors along your driveway so people can navigate your property easily. Automatic light sensors are a good idea.

Create an Inviting Entrance

Immediately upon entering your home, guests should feel welcome. Create an area just inside the door where they can take off wet boots and jackets. Place a water-proof mat to the left or right of the door and be sure to have a coat tree available for hanging hats, mittens, scarves and jackets.

On a table near the entrance or in an adjoining room, have candles or a bowl of potpourri out to fill your home with warm, comforting scents.

Prepping the Rooms

When preparing your home, do a thorough walk-through to find places to add a little bit of holiday flair. From hanging decorative hand towels in the bathroom, to adding holiday-themed blankets to your guest bedroom – your family and friends will feel welcome and warm & cozy!

Organize the kitchen in a more conducive way to entertain, placing small appliances under cabinets to save space and freeing up islands to house all your holiday appetizers, drinks, dips and entrees. Make sure all appliances are working, such as the ice maker on your freezer, your margarita mixer, and your broiler for toasting appetizers.

If your guests will be staying overnight, put fresh linens on the guest bed, add candles and magazines to the bedside table, clear out closet space and drawers, and make sure there are plenty of extra blankets on hand.

Have your furnace inspected before the holidays so no unforeseen problems can happen with the heat. You don’t want the furnace to quit working right before a huge family gathering, do you?

Be smart about decorating the interior. Sync all lights to a remote or your smart phone so you can turn them all on with the push of a button, illuminating your space in festive holiday cheer.