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Creating the Perfect Home Bar for the Holidays


glasses of beer, Draught BeerLove to entertain? The holidays are a perfect time for showing off your hostess skills as you offer the latest culinary treats for your guests. Nothing goes better with appetizers and signature dishes than creative cocktails, beer, mixes, and liquor to help your guests relax. Having a bar in your home offers a gathering spot for guests and makes a great conversation piece as well. Here’s our guide to the furniture and accessories you need to create the perfect bar area in your home.

The Basics

First off, you need all the basics to make your bar a great one. Here is a look at what you’ll need to cover:

  • The bar: Find a spot designated specifically for the bar area, out of the way of traffic, preferably in a corner of a living room, game room or great room. Bookshelves can be re-purposed for bars, and you can even use carts to create a mobile bar on wheels.
  • Alcohol: Stock your bar with all the basics to make a drink, such as vodka, whiskey and gin. If you have these three, you can make pretty much any cocktail. You may also want to add some tequila, rum, bourbon, and vermouth, along with at least one bottle each of both red and white wine. Champagne is perfect for toasting happy occasions, and beer is a mainstay of any football gathering.
  • Mixers: To complement the liquor, you’ll need some mixers such as cranberry and orange juice, tonic water and soda, and maybe some margarita mix.
  • Garnish: Lemons, limes, celery sticks, salt, cherries…don’t forget these staples of the home-made cocktail.
  • Gadgets: From martini shakers to corkscrew bottle openers, you need a small arsenal of tools to ensure your evening goes off without a hitch. Other items include an ice bucket, strainer, muddler, and shot glasses for measuring.
  • Glassware: Sets of tumblers, wine glasses, champagne flutes and martini glasses are nice to have, but if you don’t have the storage for them all, choose just a couple of each or go with one type to save space.

Use What You Have

No need to go out and buy expensive accents for your home bar. Take a look around your house to see what would work to define the space. For example, if you have an old decorative mirror gathering dust in a corner, hang or lean it against the wall behind your bar. Mirrors enlarge the space and make the area seem bigger than it is. Bonus: this also makes it seem as though you have much more alcohol in your bar than you actually do! You can also use framed artwork to beautify the area and class it up. Abstract prints and modern frames work well.

Choose an Accent Color

Dressing up your bar is as simple as sticking with a color theme. This will bring any mismatched items together for a uniformity of design that is aesthetically pleasing. Take one color and thread it throughout your design in different shades and complementary hues. For the holidays, go with reds, greens and metallics, dressing it all up with sprigs of holly and berries in glass jars and vases. Weave twinkle lights around your display for an extra dose of Christmas cheer.