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6 Clever Workspace Ideas

Study area in teenager roomIf you’ve been at a loss as to where to engage in work or hobbies, it’s time you created your very own dedicated workspace, whether you need a spot to do your arts and crafts, carpentry or even auto work. Here are some ways to make space for your hobbies now matter how small a space you’re given.

Keep it Hidden

Don’t have the space for a full office? Keep things out of the way of the main house by hiding your workspace behind a rolling barn door that you can open and close as needed. You can even paint the exterior of the door with chalk board paint so you can write daily chores and reminders for what’s going on that day. From business meeting to after-school activities to dinner menus, keep everything displayed neatly.

Sleek, Small and Modern

Got an unused corner in your house that you don’t quite know what to do with? Build a desk right into the wall to give yourself a sleek, modern workspace that isn’t too imposing. Go with chrome and glossy red that leaves one side sans legs for more maneuverability, suggests Cool Mom Tech. A white board overhead keeps your schedule in plain view so you can easily follow it.

Shed as Office

If in-home space is at a premium, convert your shed into an office for complete privacy. Add a large window to open up the space, and perhaps a garden to look out at when you need some inspiration.

Convert a Closet

 Do your kids need a dedicated space to do their homework? Try building recessed desks into an unused closet space. A divider in between provides some separation from the kids, while floating desks eliminate the need for cumbersome legs and slatted folding doors allow you to close off the mess when you need to.

 Kitchen Table, Desk and Bookcase in One

To create a double desk, combine a workspace for two adults or kids yet keep them separate with a bookcase as the centerpiece. With just two legs each, with the desks facing the bookcase in the center, you have an instant workspace with quaint skirted chairs and wicker baskets on the side for storage or magazines, bills, and important papers.

Pull-Out Desk and Loft Bed

Try a built-in sleeping space with pull-out desk where you can store a laptop and other supplies along with a docking and charging station. A few steps lead up to a loft bed for the ultimate in storage solutions.

Judd Builders can help you create a clever workspace in no time. Give us a call for inspiring, unique ideas that are sure to maximize the space you have.