5 Best Places to Donate Your Stuff

Clothes for DonationSummer is the perfect time to declutter your home, getting rid of everything that’s been in your way for years. You could go the yard sale route but who has the time to display, price and sell all that stuff? Not you. Why not just donate those unwanted items to a charity? You can still get a tax write-off and feel good about helping others at the same time.

Here are five places where you can donate your stuff.

1. Goodwill ( If you have large or multiple items that you just can’t transport to a center yourself, Goodwill is a great place to try. If you make an appointment with them, they will stop by your home and pick up your stuff. Alternatively, there are many Goodwill drop-off centers across the country. Check the website for locations. When you gather stuff for Goodwill, make sure the items are in fair condition, with working parts, no recalls, and no stains or rips.

2. The Salvation Army ( Got clothing, electronics, or furniture you need to haul away? You can schedule a pickup with the Salvation Army near you just by inputting your zip code. If you have a local surplus store, you can bring your items there directly and receive an itemized receipt for tax purposes. When you donate to the Salvation Army, you’re helping this organization provide disaster relief for those in emergency situations.

3. Computers 4 Kids ( This organization will take your old computer and associated hardware, refurbish it, and give it to economically disadvantaged youths nationally and globally. Computers 4 Kids has helped more than 50,000 minority children with a socio-economic status below the poverty line. The goal is to empower children with the knowledge necessary for a successful introduction into the work force.

4. The International Book Project ( We all have books piled up in our bookcases – far more than we could ever read. If your books are taking over your life, consider donating some of them. This non-profit organization promotes literacy in under-served areas of the world by collecting, sorting and shipping donated books to children and adults who can’t afford them.

5. Donate Stuff ( This is a nationwide organization dedicated to making a connection between people with good-quality items they don’t use anymore with charities that can benefit from such items. Not only are you making a tax deductible donation, you’re also reducing junk in the landfills. Did you know that Americans throw away about 68 pounds of clothing per year?

There are many other ways to donate, of course. Just look for donation bins around your town. Be careful, though, to read the fine print. Not all of what you throw in there goes to non-profit organizations; some go to for-profits. You can also donate items to your local schools, libraries, fire departments, and even theater groups.

Once you’ve de-cluttered your home, call Judd Builders to start a new phase of your home improvement journey!