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How to Best Arrange Your Living Room Furniture

Beautiful Living RoomWhether you’re short on space or you have too much of it, you may be wondering how you can optimize the space you have with the furniture you have. No need to make major renovations. Just try these tips on how to maximize your living room through furniture placement and design.

Determine a Focal Point

Before you can position your furniture, you need to decide what the focal point of the room is. That could be an architectural feature, such as a fireplace, or it could be a flat screen television on the wall, says Better Homes and Gardens. Once you do this, you can orient your seating around it. When done right, the furniture will gravitate towards that feature naturally.

Arrange for Comfort and Flexibility

Furniture is an important design feature, to be sure, but don’t forget that its first purpose is to make people feel comfortable and at ease. Position your couches, chairs and tables far enough apart that no one bumps into corners as they try to navigate the room. Place drink rests close by so no one has to reach for their snacks and drinks.

Basic Configuration

Most people use their focal point as the spot to which all pieces of furniture face. For example, if it’s the TV, place a couch in front of it and angle all other chairs toward it as well. This simple configuration works for a variety of room shapes. When guests come over, it’s easy to add more seating facing those sofas and chairs with ottomans, puffy pillows and even bean bags for a circular grouping that encourages conversation.

Open up the Space with Sectionals

If you have a large V-shaped sectional, you may feel like your only option is to push it right against the wall. However, anyone who sits in the deepest part of the couch may feel lost and claustrophobic – not to mention its placement up against the wall can feel very far from the focal point. If you’re aimed at a TV, for instance, it may be hard to see detail. Let air flow around the sectional by pulling it away from the wall and place some floor lamps behind it with a console table to open it up.

Encourage Conversation and Hobbies

Of course, not every living room has to have one focal point in which all furniture faces. If you prefer to encourage the flow of conversation, you can face sofas and chairs towards each other over a coffee table. You can still have a focal point, but it’s off to the side. This arrangement is best in rooms where the television isn’t your main event, but rather a side show, freeing you up to engage in other pursuits like reading, entertaining, playing games, working on your laptop, or listening to music.

Judd Builders’ professionals can help you create the living room of your dreams – one that’s functional and beautiful at the same time.