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5 Ways to Transform Your Spare Bedroom

beautiful bedroom interiorWe all have that jack-of-all-trades room in our homes that we’re not quite sure what to do with. It could be used as a place for guests to crash, or it may be a catch-all for junk that you don’t know what else to do with. If you want to start defining that space, you may want to think about a transformation.

From a yoga studio to an office, here are a few ideas to update that awkward extra room.

  1. If you work from home, or even if you just want a space where you can sit and do your bills, an office is an obvious and useful function for a spare room. If space is an issue, buy a desk/bookcase combo that utilizes wall space instead of floor space. Create neatly-labeled pull-out cubbies for extra storage. This room could also double as a crafts or sewing room. Use hooks, drawers and cabinets for storing anything from yarn to ribbon to needles.
  2. Yoga studio. To create your Zen space, paint the walls a soothing color such as lilac or pale yellow, sprinkle the rooms with mats and comfy pillows, and include elements like incense sticks, candles and diffusers with calming scents. A small Buddha statue or bust would top the whole look off perfectly. Namaste.
  3. Kids’ playroom. If you have kids, you know the bottomless pit of toys, stuffed animals and games that their rooms can become on a daily basis. Rather than cram all of their things into their respective rooms, utilize the spare room for a playroom with cubby areas for various play zones, i.e., kitchen, dress-up, or reading nook. This frees up space in their own bedrooms so they can have more space for sleeping, hanging out, and doing homework. Tip: paint the walls, or a section of the walls, with chalk board paint.
  4. If your dinky bookcase in the living room is overflowing with books and your kids are starting to pile up their favorite stories in their rooms, it’s time to have a designated space for one library. Section each part of the room off for each family member to customize it. Install window benches, comfortable chairs, soft rugs and bean bags for lazy days of reading.
  5. Walk-in closet. If the spare room is on the same level as your own bedroom, ideally right next door, a great use of space for the fashionista is a walk-in closet. In here, you’ll want to place a full-length mirror, floor-to-ceiling shelving, drawers, hooks and plenty of illumination to make getting dressed in the morning a breeze.

If you have a spare room you just don’t know what to do with, let us know here at Judd Builders. We can create a customized space just for you based on your needs, style and budget.