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Creating an Effective Workspace at Home

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Whether you’re retired or you work from home, it’s always nice to have a space to do work, engage in a hobby, make phone calls, or store important documents. Here are some tips and design recommendations to create an efficient and luxurious workspace at home.

It’s important to first come up with a plan on how you’re going to make your work space more functional so you can accomplish more with fewer interruptions. Staying focused and motivated is essential in making a home office work, so start by organizing your frequently used items and purchasing time- and space-saving equipment, software and storage products, says the Houston Chronicle.

Make Wise Use of Storage

Most home offices are no larger than a small bedroom or craft room. That means space is at a premium, yet you have a lot of stuff to store and display. While you may be tempted to hang photos, diplomas, and awards of distinction on your walls, they take up valuable space for storage. You’re going to need that wall space for bins, bookcases and shelving. Double up wherever you can. For instance, an ottoman with a removable top pulls double duty as a storage bin for papers, spare blankets and craft items. If it has a solid top on the underside, flip it over and pull triple duty as a coffee table.

Get Organized

If you’re like most homeowners, you have a lot of files. If you don’t have extensive filing cabinet systems, you’re going to have to get creative. The main point is to set something up where you can easily and quickly access the file you need. Best bet is to purchase software where you scan important documents, then store them electronically. But if you’re still an old school fan of paper version, use tabs, separators and different-colored folders to group similar paperwork. Place in filing cabinets if you have them, with more relevant files to the front and older ones to the back or in a closet.

Integrate your Electronics

Keep all your electronics necessary to do daily work all within reach of your chair if possible. Create a workstation that encompasses your deck, a chair, phone, and printer/fax/copier in one. If you splurge on any one thing in your office, let it be your office chair. Get an ergonomic one, especially if you’ll be using it for a good portion of the day. An L-shaped work station works best for most people, allowing you to stay seated and swivel as needed. You may want to invest in a clear plastic mat under the chair for ease of use.

It’s best to have an office space that’s all your own. If you’re sharing the space with a kids’ playroom, home gym or craft room, the distractions could keep you from being productive.

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