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A New Spin on Retro

retroFresh takes on vintage styles and how to incorporate them in your home!

Flea-market chic décor has never been easier. You can find a few local steals at flea markets, yard sales and online to re purpose and restyle vintage items for a whole new look. Check out these retro decorating tips to incorporate into your home, no matter what style you have.

Dazzling Dining Room

Instead of a formal dining room chandelier, get a dangling and dazzling, vintage chandelier featuring a hanging wire planter adorned with strands of beads and hanging prisms peppered with votive candles, like the one shown here on Woman’s Day. Another option is to spray paint an old chandelier in baby blue or another bold color to make the fixture really pop.

Re-purposing Old Items

If you just can’t part with that vintage toy, the tarnished spoons your grandmother gave you or the toy train track you had as a kid, breathe new life into these items and turn them into tabletop art. Glue these pieces onto old frames to bring them back to life and give them new purpose again. Hang on the wall or place on a side table for a conversation piece.

Hanky Curtains

Handkerchiefs used to be a staple of men’s pockets back in the day, but together they’re all but relegated to the back of drawers. It’s a shame, too, as there were many patterns and colors to choose from. Instead of throwing out those fantastic fabrics, sew them together, add rings to the top and hang them in your kitchen for a whimsical touch on an old classic.

Bookcase Bargains

A re-purposed, painted or stained bookcase can get a new lease on life when lined with classic books, fun family collections and flea market deals for a distinctive look, points out Better Homes and Gardens. Add bowls, book ends, old fashioned camera, sea shells, black and white framed photos, and more for visual interest.

Get Retro with Color

The 60’s were a time of simple, streamlined designs and complementary colors. Incorporate a pea-green shaded lamp alongside a wooden cabinet with sleek drawer pulls reminiscent of that age, with accents in blues, browns and oranges. Frame an old drive-in movie poster for added charm.

Transform Outdated Elements into New

 Many older homes feature cut-outs in the wall where the home phone used to go. Today, with so many people relying on cell phones as their main form of communication, those spaces are obsolete. However, you can utilize that quaint niche by making it into a shadow box to display items. Choose tiny antiques, photos, Japanese fans and small vases.

Consult with Judd Builders for more vintage ideas on how to transform your home retro-style.